Our aim for the young people we support

For many young people, the prospects of living independently can be daunting. Here at TSS, we understand these concerns and also acknowledge that most of our young people lack the maturity to lead an independent life. Therefore, with this in mind, we have developed procedures to ensure that our young people gain the skills set necessary to lead autonomous lives. All of our workshops and programms equip our young people to secure employment, obtain training and pursue an education.

TSS also gives young people the opportunity to complete E-Learning courses. These courses have proven to be extremely successful and have helped our young people achieving certificates and, thus enhancing their CV. Health and Safety, Food Safety and First Aid are but a few examples of the courses our young people have access to.

Essential Life Skills

TSS offers non-invasive in house workshops to all residents which focus on self- esteem, education/employment, basic independence and household chores. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate well with our young people and to keep a good record of their daily activities, which includes:

  • Cooking;
  • Grocery shopping;
  • Budgeting;
  • Cleaning;
  • The importance of hygiene.

We succeeded in teaching the above skills to all of our young people. Furthermore, we ensure that our young people register to a local GP and dentist.

Employment and Career

TSS encourages young people to obtain employment by helping them develop their CV’s, by offering career guidance and assisting with completing job application forms. We have also taken a step further in our mission of securing employment for our young people. We network with several recruitment agencies in order to open job opportunities in various fields such as retail, customer service and warehouse.
TSS encourages young people to try, and explore various avenues such as apprenticeships, training, higher education and other activities.

The way we work

One of the methods that we use is our EMD plan; E-Establish, establish relationships with young people and other agencies working with them based on trust and honesty with consistent expectations and boundaries. Benchmarking young people’s current skills and setting out clear achievable goals. Young people are encouraged to play an active role in their independence plans. M-Maintain, maintain relationships with young people and agencies, reviewing plans and ensuring plans are updated regularly to suit the needs of the young adult. D-Disengage, to begin looking at moving on to complete independence and giving step by step support in making applications for future housing, ensuring suitability and sustainability. Supporting young people through the benefits process and ensuring they know their rights and entitlements.