“Its so nice to see that providers go that extra mile”
-Nottingham City Placements Team.
“Thank you for all the support, without you my daughter would not be where
she is today. ”
– H.W ( Parent)
“Staff believed in me and that changed my life.”
-R. M (young person)
“Staff are passionate about the lives of the young people. They really do
make the difference”
-IRO, Notts City
“The support you have is shown here today in court by the representation
– Nottingham, Magistrate.
“Staff are like the family I never had without their support I would be in prison”
– J. H young person.
“The home is beautifully decorated ~it really feels like home”
–young person’ foster carer.
“Staff are so passionate and approachable. They really do care about the young people”
-Social worker Nottinghamshire County Council.